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Good and Evil

In this book the author illuminates the knowledge given by the Masters through Helena P. Blavatsky in the 19th century and makes an attempt to restore the Truth about the fall of Lucifer, the fall of angels and the fall of humanity. This book has been created under the guidance of the Masters of Wisdom.

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The book Good and Evil is a revolution in human consciousness. Up until today millions of people still hold a belief that Lucifer was a dark fallen angel whom everyone needs to fight against in order to save the world. This book proves that such a belief is a horrible misconception, a complete error and one of the most unfortunate dogmas created accidentally in the past. A thorough analysis of ancient manuscripts clearly shows that the truth about Lucifer has been forgotten and the real events differ so greatly from what was left open as public knowledge on this subject up until our days. Today nobody even knows the true meaning of the "battle in heaven", nor the battle between the so-called "forces of darkness" and "forces of light". We have forgotten our own ancient history. And we should return to it and look over it thoroughly again one more time.

The reader may be surprised to know that even in the early Christian times one respected Roman Pope chose the name Lucifer for himself. Doesn't that sound incredible or contradictory to you?

Multiple evidences are given in this book proving that the so-called "Lucifer's rebellion" had a far deeper esoteric meaning than just a fight between Archangel Michael and the dragon. Who was that dragon? What was his purpose? What was his mission on Earth? The reader will find answers to those and many other questions relating to early stages of the history of mankind.

The works of Madam Blavatsky were given a central focus in Good and Evil because The Secret Doctrine written by her can be used as a valuable source of references and descriptions of certain historical facts which are not so well known even to our modern scientists these days. With the help of Ascended Masters and the author the sacred knowledge provided by Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine has finally been clarified and explained in relatively simple terms so that people can now read it and understand it to its full extent.

Along with the subject of Lucifer and the fall of angels the reader will also find in this book a description of ancient races and continents, references to which can be found in various manuscripts of the past. These races and continents are known to the current generation as Lemuria, Atlantis and others. Good and Evil provides us with a detailed explanation of how these races were formed on Earth one after another, explains how humanity got to its lowest point of materiality and how it will, in accordance with the law of cycles, return back to its spiritual source. This certainly gives us some hope! Even though this will happen very gradually and will only become visible when the time comes. But the time will come again when we will be like angels and when all of us unite in God.

One will read here about the times when we were sinless and also the truth about the origins of sin, the origins of good and evil. There was a time when distinct clairvoyance and clairaudience were innate abilities of every man and woman, and there even was a time when the division between a man and a woman did not exist. We all used to be angel-like and there are certain evidences proving that ancient fact.

Good and Evil also tells us about the history of the Earth's formation and describes in detail the process of evolution of life on all the planes of existence (such as physical, astral, mental and others).

Would you also like to know where we used to dwell before coming to Earth? The answers to this and many other interesting questions the reader will find in this book.